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Love Your Game

Welcome to the 10,000 Pucks Challenge!


ACYHA wants you to keep shooting and improving, even when you're not on the ice! That's why we invite and challenge every player to join our 10,000 Pucks Challenge! Players take 10,000 shots over the course of the summer (June/July/August), get bragging rights and earn a cool, free t-shirt!

Players/parents log into the Hockey Share website under the player's designated level and record shots! Can you do it?! We know you can!

Everyone that hits 10,000 shots will receive a t-shirt! 
Stay tuned for details!

Once sign-up is complete, go back to the 10K Pucks page on Hockey Share to record player shots and track progress. Coaches can track progress over the summer, too! 

Start tracking your shots once you register! Get familiar with the program! 
Contest officially runs JUNE 1ST - AUGUST 31! 


The rules are simple: Shoot pucks and log shots! There are many different shots to work on! Wrist shots, snapshots,  backhand, slap shots ... 

It takes time and practice to get better. Every shot you take will make you better.
Stay patient, and keep working!

What does 'love your game' mean to acyha

In WINGS Territory, it's Love Your Game
An organization's culture represents, "the way we do things here." During the 2017-2018 hockey season, ACYHA introduced a cultural theme: Love Your Game. Love Your Game expresses what it means to be the WINGS:
Work Hard
No Excuses
Success For All

ACYHA introduced the Love Your Game concept at parent and coaches meetings during the 2017-2018 season. To help build a foundation and share the excitement, each and every player in the Association, and all ACYHA coaches, received a Love Your Game t-shirt during the kick-off season.

Players and coaches wore their shirts with pride. They took team photos, traveled to other states and donned their shirts, and wore them for warm-ups and training.

The game of hockey is fun. Its players and families typically become a pretty tight-knit community. For ACYHA, the game also offers players, coaches, parents and others opportunities for important life lessons. Win with class, lose with respect. Play for team. Love Your Game.

In the following video, Hans Skulstad, HDC Chair, shares ACYHA's Love Your Game philosophy.

Past Mites on Love Your Game!

Wings Philosophy