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Coaches Corner

ACYHA is Seeking Coaches!

Armstrong Cooper Youth Hockey is seeking qualified coaches for all teams. These are paid positions for non-parent traveling level coaches, If interested, please download a copy of the coaching application and turn in the ACE Director.

James Tousignant

ACE Director

Paul Swanson

Assistant ACE Director

Michael Thompson

Assistant ACE Director

Head Coach Registration with D3

All head coaches and team managers must register with D3. Follow the link to register.

Attention all ACYHA Coaches:

The Hockey Development Committee (HDC) has outlined a vision for the future of our association that will take our players and coaches to the next level.  We are in the midst of bringing this vision alive through off ice and on ice coach orientation meetings, which focus on coaching tools, collaboration and a culture of excellence.  You will learn more about the vision and tactics throughout the season.

A change you will see this year is the creation of two Hockey Operations Directors, one for Mites (Thomas Johnson) and one for U10/Squirts through U15/Bantams (Danny Charleston's team including Ryan King and Adam Kragthorpe).  These teams will be present throughout the year, providing feedback and guidance at selected practices and games, all with the goal of raising the bar across the association.

Coaching Requirements

To coach for ACYHA the following MUST BE COMPLETED before you can step on the ice with any players:

  1. Register as a coach with USA Hockey.
  2. Register as a coach with ACYHA (Must have your USA Hockey Confirmation code to complete).
  3. Complete a Background Screen every other year with Minnesota Hockey. The code to use is: 35615801
  4. Have the proper CEP Certification before 12/31/23 (See details and link below).
  5. Have Age Specific Modules completed.
  6. Must complete the SafeSport Training Course.  SafeSport Training will be good for 1 year and a refresher course will be offered subsequent years.
  7. Must complete Concussion Training and email certificate to Registrar at
    Coaches will be reimbursed for the cost of their USA Hockey registration, Background Screening, CEP Certification classes, and Age Specific Modules.  Save your receipts, and see below for the reimbursement request form and instructions.


Coaching Clinics

All coaches must enter USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program at Level 1, & continue with a clinic each year until, at a minimum, they achieve Level 3. Coaches who don't coach in continuous years must re-enter the program at the next level when they resume coaching. Find a coaching clinic or for more information, visit


Age Specific Modules

Coaches must also complete online age-specific training modules specific to the level of play they are coaching, if they have not already taken that module. This requirement applies to all coaches at all levels, 1 through 5. Coaches may complete more than one age-specific module in any given season.  Start a module.

For more information, visit

Helmet Rule for Coaches

The Helmet Rule for Coaches is now in effect and has been since Sep 1, 2006.  The rule applies to ALL on ice Coaches at clinics, evaluations, scrimmages and practices.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  IF ANY COACH does not have the helmet strapped, USA Hockey insurance will be voided for the entire team(s) on the ice.

SafeSport Training

We are pleased to announce that all USA Hockey registered coaches, officials, employees and volunteers are entitled to take the training at no cost. The training was produced by the United States Olympic Committee. The training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, however, not all training needs to be completed in one session. We believe you will find the training very valuable and informative, and strongly encourage you to access the training.

The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for one year.  

To begin SafeSport Training go to: and click the link that says "REGISTER FOR SAFESPORT TRAINING". Once there a pop up window will appear to Add Membership. In the drop down menu for “Select Organization" it typically defaults to USA Hockey, if not select it. Then select Membership Type of coach, volunteer, or player. Confirmation Number is your USA Hockey number.  You will then be asked to certify the information is correct. Then you will need to create an account using your email address and setting a password. If you already have one, you will be able to sign in at this point.

You will only need to register the first time to set up the account.  Once the account is set up, you will sign in using your email address and password.

Once you have registered, login and complete the 3 modules required for SafeSport certification. You don't need to notify the Registrar, as it is all tracked through USA Hockey.

Thank you for your diligence in making our sport as safe as possible!

CEP Requirements in Basic Terms

Updated 9-3-2013

Mite Coaches are required to complete level 1 CEP and the mite age module.  If your Level 1 is going to expire that is OK.  Once you move on to travel hockey you will need to move to level 2 CEP and the next appropriate age module. 

1)  If you have are a coach on more than one team you must do an age appropriate module for each team

2)  If you have a Level 1 and it expires Dec. 2013, you must take the level 2 classroom and the age appropriate module

3)  If you have a Level 2 and it expires Dec. 2013, you must take the level 3 classroom and the age appropriate module

3)  If you have a Level 3 and it expires Dec. 2013, you must take the online re-certification and the age appropriate module.

4)  If you are a coach that has had a Level 3 for 9 years or more, you should have gotten a letter telling you that you must take the level 4, which has passed so in order to continue you must get a one year extension from Christian (the new coach in chief) 

6)  If you are a Level 4 it is still valid for life and requires no re-cert; however, the age specific module must be done for any level that you will coach.

So what does this mean to you?  The coach can print off a virtual card from the USA website along with the age appropriate certificate and BOTH must be in the book by Dec.31.

Student Coaches

Need help demonstrating drills?  Want an additional set of hands on the ice? Student Coaches are a great addition to your coaching staff.  ACYHA welcomes the use of student coaches on our travel teams, but USA Hockey has specific rules to follow when adding a student coach to your roster.


If you want to add a student coach:

He or she must be a player between the ages of 13 and 17 who is currently properly registered with USA Hockey.  He/she may serve as a student coach under the following conditions:

  • Must attend a training session conducted by the local hockey association.
  • Must always be under the supervision of a carded, screened adult coach during all practices, clinics, try-outs, and in the locker room.
  • May help out at practices, clinics, try-outs only. (May not play during scrimmages or games).
  • Must wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves, and skates while on the ice. Must wear helmet during games while on the bench.
  • May only work with players at least one full playing age level down.
  • The organization that is using the student coach must provide a form indicating on what team he/she is participating as a student coach, and, if applicable, what team he/she is properly registered/rostered as a player. (see form below)
  • Upon reaching the age of 18, the student coach must comply with all USA Hockey coaching and screening rules and regulations.
  • May not act as the head coach or assistant coach during practices or games.

Have more questions, please contact your ACE Director.


Coaches Reimbursement for Registration, Certifications and Screening


All USA Hockey Coaching Certifications are reimbursed by the ACYHA.  You must email the Reimbursement form and payment receipts(required) to ACYHA Treasurer Scott Allen at or put in the ACYHA Dropbox at NHIA (located by office, under the stairs).

Please be sure you are registered as a "Coach" before you submit for reimbursement.

MILEAGE - Mileage is NOT a reimbursable expense as a 1099MISC contractor.  A mileage deduction can be claimed on your personal tax return per IRS guidelines.

TOPIC: Coaching Squirts


To the right is a video shot in the Winter of 2010 with John Evans, ACYHA Squirt B1 Coach and Hal Tearse, Minnesota Hockey Coach in Chief.

This video highlights John's coaching philosphy, a shared practice of the Squirt A and B1 Teams, and a Squirt B1 game. 

This video is in intended as a coaching tool and is posted on the Minnesota Hockey Website.

Great work John and Squirts!!!!