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10,000 Pucks Challenge

ACYHA introducing the Wings' new  "10K Club" 

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Armstrong-Cooper Youth Hockey Association is introducing the 10K Club, a new incentive program for the 2023 offseason.

Players who complete the 10,000 puck challenge from mid-May until Sept. 30 will earn a spot in this exclusive club, as well as a unique AC Wings 10K Club stocking cap and a sticker to go on his/her helmet. These items cannot be bought, but can be earned by completing the challenge.

Additional incentives for the 10K Club are being developed, and will be announced after they are finalized. 

In addition to the 10K Club, new incentives will be made available to players who reach other benchmarks in the 10,000 Puck Challenge, but don’t reach the 10K threshold. Those players reaching and recording 3,000 shots will be recognized with a unique ACYHA 3K Puck pin and helmet sticker. Those that reach 5,000 shots will earn recognition and a special 5K puck and helmet sticker. 

Association link through is up and running as of May 15. Players who participated in the 10K challenge in the past through HockeyShare will have to change the team they are associated with for the new year. A link with a couple screenshots is here.

Here is a link to a Minnesota Hockey article that breaks down the 10,000 puck challenge and offers tips and pointers on how to make it more manageable.

Off-Ice Video Tips and Ideas During 10,000 Pucks

Provided by ACYHA’s Travel Hockey Operations Team.
Shooting Dryland
Stick Handling Dryland
Passing Dryland
Advanced Mite Dryland  (shooting tips)

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